Message from the Management

We support tomorrow’s eating, with our fresh fish, from our local ports.

We have been engaged in marine products processing industry since Meiji era in Hasaki.

The offing of Hasaki is where two ocean currents, the Kuroshio Current and the Kurile Current, meet and is a rich fishery that a large number of fish such as sardine, mackerel, pacific saury and horse mackerel can catch.

But the sea does not show us only its good face. The sea may not bring a fish, or may not allow people to come near when very rough and stormy.

For getting along with such sea and capricious fish, we have exercised various efforts; how the fish can be processed staying fresh, which landed from Hasaki, Choshi and a variety of other fishing ports; the way to improve the technology of freezing/refrigerating and the system of storage and transport.

Thankfully, the processed marine products that Miuraya provides have received a high reputation.

These days, the domestic and foreign situation concerning marine products is greatly changing, but we believe the role to support eating habits is strengthened even if the form varies.

So that the gifts from the sea reach us closely and safely always and forever, we will contribute along with the region.

Courage that gets along with the sea, passion to cherish our local fishery, enterprising spirit to refine marine products processing technique, and the most important thing is the love to the sea and fish.

We will keep the spirit of these in our mind and continue our devotion in future.

We hope your further guidance and support.

President & CEOToshikatsu Miura
Chairperson of the BoardDenshichi Miura