History and Development

Meiji Era Ran family business of marine products processing industry in Hasaki
1926 The predecessor Denshichi inherited his family business of fish manufacturing and started Chikuwa (bamboo shaped fish paste cake)manufacturing.
1931 A fish fertilizer, a simmered sardine and a salted and dried sardine became the main force of the production.
1939 Built a fish fertilizer manufacturing factory in Sendai, Miyagi Pref.
1946 Started sweet potato starch manufacturing, soft drink manufacture and sale, and wholesale of the ice cream, besides fish products.
1964 The current chairperson of the board succeeded the predecessor Denshichi and became the second Denshichi and also the fifth family head.
1965 Built a full-fledged freezing/refrigerating warehouse for marine products processing.
1973-1983 Built additionally freezing/refrigerating warehouses.
1989 Established Miuraya Co., Ltd.
1997 Built a clean room for processing.
1998 Certified as a HACCP factory for export to U.S.
1999 Worked on construction of the processed food product line in earnest.
2000 Enrolled in The Public Interest Incorporated Association JAPAN HYO-ON (Ice Temperature) ASSOCIATION.
2006 Built additionally the freezer and the rapid freezing warehouse.
2008 New-built the headquarter office.
2010 Opened Houyama Distribution Center.
Built additionally a new processing cookhouse and rapid freezing warehouse.
2012 The previous president, Denshichi Miura was awarded Medal of Honor with Yellow Ribbon. New-built a platform for the refrigerating containers in Houyama Distribution Center.
2013 Toshikatsu Miura took office as the representative director, and became the 6th family head.
2015 Installed additionally rapid freezing equipment that used natural refrigerant. With increase of the amount of production and the export, new-installed a case -loading- line in labor-saving.